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Through the Perspective of Our Carriers

While surfing the internet, Kargoist's advertisement came out. I used to be a driver somewhere before, I wanted to evaluate this opportunity since the conditions were not very good at where I worked. I filled out the form, and they called me back from the Kargoist. I have been working as a courier for 3 months. With my own vehicle, I earn better than my previous job.
Hamza Y.
Since I wanted to start a business, the idea of buying a vehicle and being a courier made sense. I have been the boss of my own business for 1 year. I both paid for my car and my work hours are very comfortable. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
Niyazi D.
Those who have Doblo vehicles and look for a job shouldn’t think twice. This is a job where you can make money with your own vehicle. I would like to thank the Kargoist Family for their interest and job opportunities.
Zeki K.
Since I love to driving, I work happily :) Thanks to Kargoist for providing such a comfortable job. Job seekers should definitely evaluate this opportunity. Fill out a form they will call you back.
Mücahit E.

Join the Kargoist Family,
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